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The ‘Highway Management Portal ’ gives authority staff the ability to manage all application and account information in one single solution.

Users can review all application information, including supporting documents such public liability insurance, traffic management plans and drawings . Applications can be accepted or rejected by the back office staff at the click of a button. Automated email correspondence is sent to an applicant or more bespoke correspondence can be created using the in-built emailing tool. Payments can be made via the authority’s existing payment provider or by interfacing to any other world leading payment gateway.

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Back-office licence view
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  • Dashboard

    Manage workload, allocation and team priorities. Allocating work by borough or area, filter on application status, date received, start or expiry date and more.

  • Manage pricing

    Manage pricing for all permit and licences via the management portal, including setting annual increases to come into affect on a specific date.

  • Multiple payments

    Take single or multiple payments online for a single application, such as administration charges, instalment plans, deposits, apply uplifts.

  • Email management

    Automated emails for receipt, payment, approval, expiry reminders. All emails are sent directly from the portal and stored against the licence application. Compose and send any emails directly from the portal and store against the licence application for reference. Manage all email templates and mailing lists within the portal.

  • System integration

    No rekeying of data, StarGo automatically syncs approved permits with systems such as Street Manager.

  • Site inspections

    Status management for each stage of the process for site inspections, sign off and approval. Record data relating to inspections and apply to permit conditions.

  • Work start & stop

    Receive updates from contractors when starting and completing any works. Helping to schedule inspections and manage reinstatements.

  • Manage changes

    Manage customer amend requests directly in the portal, approve, decline, update and apply any additional charges (or not) prior to approving or making changes to existing permits. All updates automatically sync to integrated systems, such as Street Manager.

  • Report management

    Generate custom reports using our report builder, save templates and download data instantly.

  • Targeted enforcement

    Track active/inactive permits whilst out in the field and increase compliance. Gather evidence and issue FPN's for non-compliance.

  • Still require invoices?

    Not a problem we have a process to manage the status for requesting an invoice, setting it as invoiced and marking it as paid. However based on our customer feedback, we would suggest payment online is the way to go.

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