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Highway Inspector's Module

Our smartphone application gives Highway Inspectors access to live permit information via an easy-to-use Google Maps interface.

Information regarding active and inactive licences and permits is clearly displayed allowing Inspectors to quickly and clearly identify businesses operating without a valid or expired licence.

The app can be used for targeted enforcement, gather evidence and take action for non-compliance.

Some of the key features and benefits of our mobile enforcement application are:

  • Up to date information at your fingertips.

  • Display data relating to a permit, such as Company account name, address on permit, permit type, Status and expiry .

  • View terms & conditions for the permit type.

  • Using the phone GPS users can check for permits within 500m of their location.

  • Users can remove the 500m radius to display permits outside of the immediate location.

  • Use the simple map display to navigate from your location and see surrounding permits.

  • Filter on active/inactive permits.

  • Search by company name.

  • Search by street name.

  • Show a list of all licences and data, colour coded based on permit status.

  • Store useful contacts for quick reference.

  • No software installation required.

  • Easy to use and on any device.

  • No user licencing restrictions.

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