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Sample Application Forms

StarGo helps to standardise the data captured on each application, with many of our customers now operating the same or similar data capture options.

Applications forms are configurable based on individual requirements and our aims are to help you improve response times, increase productivity, compliance and capture revenue at the point of application or prior to approval.

Below is an example of what data is captured during a skip licence application:

  • Start Date (Number notice days required can be configured to restrict start date options, with ability to backdate for emergencies if required) 
  • Expiry Date (Restricts to maximum number of days permitted, if required)
  • Size
  • Price
    • Price calculation can be by date range or by size or by date range and size.
    • Note: additional pricing options can be configured
  • Skip location via an Address Lookup function or Enter manual
  • Emergency Contact name
  • Emergency Contact Number
  • Skip location, e.g. Carriage, Footway, Verge or Other
  • Is the skip to be placed in a parking bay?
    • Yes
      • If Yes, parking bay reference number requested
    • No
  • Confirm T&Cs (users can click to view terms and conditions)
  • Apply for additional licences or services (allowing multiple permits in a single transaction)
  • Finalise application(s) (If payment is on submission, then users will be redirected to specified payment gateway for payment, before application is displayed in the Highway Management Portal as pending approval).

All field label text can be configured, include info boxes to guide users, set specific fields to be mandatory, configured to your price structure, size options, location options, and we can remove or include additional data capture questions.

If you would like to receive a full list of sample forms or receive a demonstration, then you can request these below.

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StarGO processes multiple types of licences for UK councils including:

  • Skips

  • Scaffolding

  • Table & chairs

  • Cranes, cherry pickers & MEWPS

  • Materials on the highway

  • Hoardings

  • A-boards

  • Shop displays

  • Crossovers / dropped kerbs

  • TTROs

  • Bus stop suspensions

  • Section 50s

  • Section 171s

  • Containers, welfare units

  • Street names & numbering

  • Traffic surveys

  • Local searches

  • And more...

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